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Mental Health First Aid Accredited Training

The Mental Health First Aid course teaches employees how to recognise the symptoms of different illnesses and mental health crises amongst their staff and colleagues.  It upskills an employee on how to effectively offer and provide initial support to people who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. It is comprehensive, covering all common mental health problems and crisis situations, and it helps guide a person towards appropriate treatments and other supports.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is a two-day (15 hour) interactive workshop in suicide intervention skills. ASIST empowers participants with the skills to intervene and help someone stay safe. Many people worldwide have saved lives by using ASIST. ASIST is an award-winning program based on adult learning principles.

Mental Health Training

Given the projection of the mental health landscape, WPI has identified targeted programs which aims to increase awareness through the identification of early warning signs, reduce societal and self-stigma, increase mental health literacy, encourage openness, increase help-seeking behaviour, promote psychological safety and learn the skills needed to have ‘mental health conversations’ with others. 

HSR OHS Training

This innovative HSR OHS training course is approved by WorkSafe Victoria and aims to provide Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Deputy HSRs with the information and skills needed to exercise their powers under the Victorian OHS Act 2004. Managers and supervisor or any other person with an interest in OHS may benefit from attending this course. WPI is approved to deliver a suite of HSR OHS Training courses, including the initial 5-day course, a 1-day refresher (Plant version, OVA version and newly released Stress version)

Health & Safety Training

Occupational health and safety are concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. Regardless of the nature of their work, employers have an obligation to maintain a safe workplace, and workers should be able to carry out their responsibilities in a safe and secure working environment, free from hazards. Our list of courses targets those new to health and safety to those looking for a refresher.

WorkSafe Endorsed Return To Work Coordinator Training

This is a interactive workshop that will provide participants with practical tools to ensure they have the appropriate skills and knowledge to assist injured workers return to work in a timely, safe and sustainable manner. Under the Workers Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013, an employer has an obligation to nominate and appoint a return to work coordinator who has an appropriate level of seniority and competency to perform their role.

WorkCover & Return to Work Training

From new starters in the industry to experienced industry specialists, there is a range of courses designed to support the development of those involved in the return to work, injury management, and/ or WorkCover field.  Courses are targeted to HR, OHS, Return to Work Coordinators, Supervisors, Payroll, Claims Managers, and Executive Staff.

Professional Development Training

Employees need to be able to challenge themselves to obtain new knowledge, ideas, and skills. Learning needs to be on a flexible, on-demand and continual basis to contribute this kind of cutting-edge performance. When continuous learning becomes part of the way a business runs, employees are more likely to perform at higher levels. 

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