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Early intervention tools with the application of practical skills, improve workplace culture, reduce the risk of injury and illness and enhance wellbeing outcomes.

The changing landscape of work is evolving at a speed that is as startling as it is exciting.  One constant in this unpredictable world is that Workplace Interventions can meet your needs. 

Specialising in workplace-centred education solutions, our vision is to empower people with knowledge by turning knowledge into know-how with an earnest desire to help; we aim to upskill and educate organisations through an evidence-based approach.



At the core of everything we do, excellence is our ability to persistently exceed expectations.


Committed to quality

What we do, we do well.



Delivering new approaches and best practice in all that we do.



We are the heart of our company. Always moving forward and inspiring others. We love what we do and we make it count.

Why choose us

WorkPlace Interventions specialise in workplace-centred services, and with our clients at the forefront of every service experience, we aim to deliver a seamless, enriched start to end experience. 

We believe that health is everything, from preventing illness to improving the wellbeing of organisations. We collectively drive practical, evidence-based solutions incorporated into compelling service offerings with a skilled team of subject matter experts. 

From our flagship e-learning modules to flipped learning, you can immerse yourself in one of our dynamic learning programs in the comfort of your home or workplace, maybe even both! While our traditional face to face training programs remain a popular choice, whatever your needs, however you choose, our reputation speaks for itself-  We make it happen!

An awesome course lead by an engaging and enthusiastic industry professional – Great work, Teresa!
Ryan Evans
HR Advisor at SodaStream Australia

I have attended Teresa’s workshop while completing my diploma in personal injury management. I think Teresa is very professional, knowledgable and one a fantastic trainer I have come across.

Sakshi Fernandez
Senior Compensation Claims Manager at Comcare

I had the pleasure to attend Teresa’s Role of Return to Work Coordinator course in Melbourne. The course was very informative and well delivered. No doubt Teresa is a fantastic trainer with excellent industry experience.

Clara Parhat
WHS Coordinator, RTW Coordinator and ICAM Investigator at Questas

Undertaking Teresa Coffey’s RTWC training is a rewarding undertaking for any health and safety professional. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge, experience and delivered the training in a very professional and learning-focused manner. I highly recommend Workplace Interventions RTWC 2-day course for anyone looking to implement solution-based return to work outcomes as part of their safety management system.

Daniel Lago
Safety and Culture Coordinator at AQA Victoria Ltd

Teresa is a terrific facilitator and has an extensive background in her subject area. Keep up the great work Teresa.

James Talbot
Human Resources Manager | Indigenous Engagement
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