Psychological First Aid in the Workplace

Psychological First Aid in the Workplace


This training can help employers become more proactive in preventing mental health issues becoming a workplace injury, through the delivery of a best practice ‘early intervention’ approach for those employees who are experiencing a mental health condition.

Psychological first aid is a proven approach to support those affected by an emergency, disaster or traumatic event. It also addresses the practical needs and concerns of workers. This seminar provides an overview of:

  • The definition of a mental health illness: what it is and isn’t
  • Mental health problems in Australia
  • Common workplace mental illnesses including Anxiety and Depression
  • Effective ways to implement psychological first aid in the workplace
  • Different models of psychological first aid and crisis intervention
  • Effective principles of Mental Health First Aid and the importance within organisations

Who can attend The Psychological First Aid in the Workplace Introduction Course?

This course is relevant to people from many different roles, managerial levels, company sizes and industries and is also relevant to you in your personal life. The content is especially beneficial for those in:

  • People management roles with direct reports
  • Human Resources or Work Health and Safety
  • Will be complimenting existing ‘physical’ first aid qualifications
  • Have been identified by the organisation to hold a Mental Health First Aider role
  • People whose workplace is currently being affected by mental health issues

Participant Benefits:

Participants will be equipped to provide immediate assistance to colleagues who may be developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. You will know if and when you should say something, what you should say and how you can help them and you will feel much more confident in your ability to have these difficult conversations in the workplace.


Why WPI?

  • Our facilitators are accredited MHFA instructors they understand how to practically apply strategies within companies to manage mental health issues and mitigate risk
  • We will bring our broad expertise to the training program and ensure we include relatable workplace case studies, current issues your business may be experiencing and OHS/RTW management system linkages and implications
  • Our trainers are knowledgeable and engaging - 98.8% of participants strongly agree/ agree WPI facilitators have an engaging presentation style, demonstrated knowledge and facilitated activities and discussion in a clear and effective manner
  • We can also provide post course assistance with re-engineering policies and developing internal resources

This course is not a therapy or support group, rather it is an education course. Our instructors are trained by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

Course participants are eligible to undertake the 2-day MHFA accredited course to become a Mental Health First Aider which is valid for a 3-year period.

Next Steps...

Interested in upskilling  your staff members with this training course. Please contact us. WPI we empower people with knowledge.