Psychological First Aid in the Workplace

Critical incident response research in regard to mental health has found that psychological casualties from a given critical incident can be expected to far outnumber physical casualties.  

Many people have a long delay between developing a mental health problem and receiving appropriate treatment and support. The longer people delay getting help and support, the more difficult the recovery can be. It is important that people are supported during this time, and the workplace plays a critical role in providing this support, as the supervisor and/or co-worker are more likely to be the person to recongise early signs of mental health problems.

From an organisational perspective, Psychological First Aid in the WorkPlace offers a process of providing a targeted intervention and support to those responsible for managing the critical incident response and/or managing those employees who have been affected by a traumatic incident.   Those trained in psychological first aid in the workplace will understand the impacts of trauma, as well as the most effective strategies to help people recover, including ensuring safety, providing emotional comfort and support, and offer practical advice and assistance to address employee’s immediate needs. 

Our program; Psychological First Aid in the Workplace, is fast becoming the number one choice for organisations who want to implement a timely, effective and evidence-based, peer response following a traumatic event (i.e. Critical Incidents) in the workplace.

Sessions will incorporate practical tools, facilitator led discussions and interactive activities.

There is an option to customise the Psychological First Aid in the WorkPlace program which is designed to meet an employer’s specific objectives.

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