A workers’ compensation management system establishes the processes necessary to proactively and effectively manage an employer’s workers’ compensation claims. Policies and procedures are the foundation of any successful workers’ compensation risk management system.

WPI can review, update or develop an employer’s workers’ compensation policies and procedures in line with ‘best practice’, to ensure an employer operates an efficient, cost effective system that manages workers’ compensation claims.

WPI can assist an employer to develop a tailored system that effectively manages workplace injuries and claims. This comprehensive approach includes the development of:

  • policy and procedures
  • documentation including RTW toolkits, letters and templates
  • processes for managing claims invoices and the reconciliation and reimbursement of wages



  • To provide a consistent organisational approach to RTW through a streamlined processes and procedures
  • Establish clear expectations through early education of workers and managers relating to RTW role, responsibility and expectations
  • Full utilization of Agent/insurer in achieving positive RTW outcomes
  • Focus on the more seriously injured
  • To achieve ‘best practice’ in the personal injury management sector
  • Implement a positive organisational (RTW) culture
  • Early engagement of treating practitioners
  • Collaborative approach to RTW
  • Reduce claims and premium costs through improved injury management



  • Contributes to the prevention of injuries
  • Improves support to injured workers in returning to work
  • Facilitates a timely RTW
  • Minimizes ambiguity and increases the accountability of all stakeholders
  • Provides clarity of roles and expectations of all stakeholders involved in RTW process and minimizes disputes
  • Decreased cost associated with claims and premium costs
  • Demonstrates open and transparent decision-making
  • Reduces issues and disputes
  • Meets legislative requirements

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