WPI’s strategic consultancy service offers quick access to expert advice and assistance to proactively manage workers’ compensation claims, support the recovery of injured workers and reduce claims costs.

Strategic consulting can be tailed to meet an employer’s needs which delivers a cost effective workers compensation solution that fits an employer’s budget and works for their business.

Strategic consulting services help an employer prevent injuries and proactively manage their claims which aims to reduce workers’ compensation premium. Strategic premium advice is also part of these services which ensures an employer is allocated the correct rate and receives the best service.

Strategic consulting services include:

  • ongoing consultancy on retainer
  • claims reviews
  • policy and procedure development
  • strategic advice on complex claims

Depending on which state your business operates in, strategic premium management includes:

  • industry classification review
  • insurance renewal assistance and service level agreement advice
  • insurer/Agent performance reviews
  • claims estimating and premium forecasting
  • negotiation of agent/insurer risk mitigation services


  • Our experts can work out the expected cost of individual claims to assist in determining the approach to managing that claim
  • Minimises’ an employer’s workers’ compensation premium and make budgeting for the premium year ahead more practical.

Reduces costs through improved claims management

  • Claims reviews improve claims management and reduce the duration, and therefore cost of claims.
  • An analysis of all claims will offer a targeted approach to improve return to work outcomes and reduce the direct and indirect cost of those claims.
  • A comprehensive review of an employer claims portfolio will assist an employer understand the cost their claims portfolio and in turn establish and manage their workers’ compensation budget.
  • Assisting employers establish effective WorkcCover systems to enable a proactive claims management approach, which gets workers back to work quickly and reduces workers’ compensation costs.
  • Upskilling of existing RTW staff for a collaborative and best practice approach to RTW

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