RTW Coordinator Training 2-Day Training

RTW Coordinator Training 2-Day Training


RTW Coordinator Training 2-Day Training

A RTW coordinator is the key person assisting injured workers to remain at, or return to work as soon as possible after an injury. This courses will provide the RTW coordinator with the skills and information to support the successful return to work of injured workers.

In New South Wales, employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50,000 annually and employers who employ more than 20 workers are required by legislation to employ or engage a RTW coordinator who meets the role’s training, skills and experience requirements. In Victoria, employers with a total ratable remuneration of $2,231,120 million or more must have an RTW coordinator appointed at all times. Employers with a total ratable remuneration of less than $2,231,120 million must appoint a RTW coordinator in the event a worker becomes injured and has an incapacity for work.

Who should attend

This 2-day course is recommended for RTW Coordinators working under the WorkSafe Victoria Worker’s Compensation scheme. HR managers and anyone involved in the RTW process may also be interested in attending.

What will be covered

  • The return to work process and the role of the RTW Coordinator
  • Legislative requirements under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013
  • Role of the RTW coordinator, supervisor and injured worker and importance of consultation
  • Role of the agent/insurer in injury, claims and return to work management.
  • Dispute prevention and resolution strategies.
  • Key information that the RTW Coordinator will need to support and assist the employer and the injured worker
  • Skills to assist the RTW Coordinator better facilitate the return to work process
  • Responding to injury and liaison with the treating health practitioners
  • How to identify, negotiate and offer suitable duties to injured workers
  • Developing, monitoring and upgrading a RTW plan
  • Practical exercises which require active participation from attendees (e.g. completion of a RTW plan)
  • How to effectively communicate with doctors and other treating professionals

Participants will receive a WorkSafe endorsed certificate upon completion of the 2 days.

Next Steps...

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