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People at Work (PAW) Climate Survey

WorkPlace Interventions use the PAW climate survey as a framework to provide a practical, evidence-based model for identification of an organisation's mental health climate.

This intervention enables implementation of a targeted approach to the mental health needs of an organisation's workforce.

Early Intervention Initiatives

WorkPlace Interventions collaborate with employers, Insurance Agents, and Regulators to deliver employer targeted initiatives.

With a history of successful projects saving organisations millions of dollars, for larger organisations, WPI will work with you and your Agent to identifying risk management funding that can be used to cover the costs of the program.

Hourly Consultation & Packages

WorkPlace Interventions offer a range of targeted workplace solutions, from private occupational rehabilitation services, to outsourced OHS /Return to Work.

All packages are tailed to the organisations needs and budget.

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Work Health & Wellbeing Programs

Employee health and wellbeing programs in the workplace service two purposes; they are of benefit to workers as they target individuals’ health and well-being while at the same time, they are benefiting the employer by assisting to prevent escalating costs, assisting to increase productivity.

These programs may include one off sessions or seminars for wellbeing week or alternatively can be ongoing as part of a progressive wellbeing plan.

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