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High Risk Role Review

High risk role reviews enable prevention of injuries from an organisational level, whilst promoting a culture of employee wellbeing and minimising harm.

Work demands are the easiest to identify, such as pace of work, environment, and work variety.Risk and protective factors identified within high-risk roles review will include both the physical and psychological design of the job; team/ group factors, organisational context, home/work conflict and individual biopsychosocial factors.

Evidence-informed strategies will be incorporated into the process which includes recommendations on how to design and manage work to minimise harm, and promote protective factors at an organisational level

Gap Analysis / Workplace Audit

A Safety Gap Analysis is a proactive organisational approach to ensure safety systems are compliant. The analysis can cover a range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Our experienced consultants can identify key areas that may need immediate attention and work with you to implement improvement initiatives. Our safety consultants are up to date with legislation and best practice to ensure your organisation is up to speed with all your safety obligations.

Results and recommendations will be documented in a subsequent gap analysis report.

Job Dictionary

As an additional option, a suitable duties catalogue can be created.

The catalogue enables key staff involved in the return to work process to identify a list of suitable duties associated with each pre-injury role.

The catalogue acts as a support to injury management staff and managers to effectively draw upon return to work options during an injured worker’s recovery.

The use of the catalogue enables enhanced early discussions with treating practitioners for the purpose of determining whether the demands of a particular return to work role is reasonable based on the worker’s current condition.

Work Health & Wellbeing Programs

Employee health and wellbeing programs in the workplace service two purposes; they are of benefit to employees as they target individuals’ health and wellbeing while at the same time, they are benefiting the employer by assisting to prevent escalating issues, associated costs, whilst maintaining productivity. These programs may include one off wellbeing seminars or can be ongoing as part of a progressive well-being plan.

Topics include Understanding Substance Abuse /Depression & Anxiety, Importance of Physical Wellbeing, Fitness & Healthy Eating, Managing Difficult Clients,Workplace Violence and its Impacts, Managing the Impacts of an Aging Workforce, Managing and Preventing Workplace Stress, Fatigue Management, Psychological First Aid, Building Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and a number of Leadership topics

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