Employer Initiative (RMF)

Employer Initiative (RMF)


Numerous studies have shown that injured employees recover faster when they return to work. In addition, their return most often decreases claims expenses, limits downtime, and eliminates the need for additional staff.

There are a range of employer initiatives that are designed to assist businesses to develop better workplace health, safety and injury management systems.

Innovative injury management projects that have been designed to improve outcomes for injured workers include:

  • Education and awareness (e.g. job library, task analysis, suitable duties register)
  • Conflict and stress (e.g. stress awareness training, conflict resolution skills)
  • Changing culture
  • Training in the workplace (e.g. RTW supervisor training)
  • Early Intervention Programs (e.g. early medical referral, streamlined processes, early and considerate contact)
  • Toolkit development (injured worker, supervisor and treater tools to educate and support stakeholders)
  • Consultation and communicating with key stakeholders in RTW (i.e. focus on injured employees, managers and treaters)

Innovative safety projects that have been designed to reduce injuries and make workplaces safer include:

  • Address high risk workplaces through implementation of an evidence based approach to OHS
  • Supporting vulnerable workers (e.g. focus on aging workforce, workers with pre-existing injuries)
  • Preventing injuries or fatalities in high risk industries
  • Workplace change through education

Initiatives can be tailored to your organisational requirements in consultation with you and your Agent.

Project proposal is based on an employer’s specific requirements which link to the employer’s current, past and expected performance. Discussion with the employer and their Agent to align employer needs to the available risk management funding is recommended.

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