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WorkPlace Interventions is proud to announce the creation of our new online education and training e-learning portal. Our aim is to provide high quality, interactive  and content rich courses empowering you with new skills and knowledge.

Featured eCourse - Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about building on the positive aspects of your working environment and taking steps to reduce any risk factors for stress. A mentally healthy workplace has employees that are productive members of a team. A positive working environment is everyone's responsibility. Having a good understanding of the hazards, risks and potential outcomes in relation to mental health is essential to create a mentally healthy workplace. This course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary, to assist you in your role and help you contribute to creating a mentally healthy workplace.

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Conflict Resolution in the WorkPlace

The Conflict Resolution in the WorkPlace e-Learning course will equip you with the essential tools to assist you managing Conflict in the WorkPlace.

Managing WorkPlace Stress and Anxiety

Work-related stress is best described as the physical, mental and emotional state of workers who perceive they are unable to meet with their work expectations or demands.