Bullying and Harassment 3-Hour Training

Bullying and Harassment 3-Hour Training


Actions can include acting on bullying or harassment issues, implementing policies and procedures and training programs for all staff. This 3-hour training session is designed to assist individuals to understand and address these responsibilities.


Who should attend

This course is suitable to all employees

What will be covered

  • The theoretical and practical implications of discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • What is not bullying or harassment?
  • What are the causes and types of bullying?
  • Expected standards of behaviour
  • Individual and Manager responses to bullying
  • Bullying and the Law
  • Supporting ‘victims’ of bullying
  • Confronting inappropriate behaviours
  • The options available to resolve issues or complaints
  • Skills practice and case studies

Next Steps...

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