Asbestos 3-Hour Awareness Training

Asbestos 3-Hour Awareness Training


This introductory asbestos awareness training has been designed for individuals who may be required to work in locations potentially contaminated with asbestos, but will have no direct, intentional contact with the material. This course will enable individuals who may be exposed to asbestos to understand where asbestos might be found and what steps to take to stay safe.


Who should attend

Anyone who is involved with the management or handling of asbestos; this includes builders, renovators and other related occupations.

What will be covered

  • Duty of care principle in relation to asbestos
  • Health and safety risks of asbestos
  • How to identify asbestos
  • Identification, safe handling and appropriate control measures
  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)
  • Naturally occurring asbestos
  • Loose fill asbestos
  • Loose fill asbestos(raw asbestos crushed into a fine state and installed as insulation).
  • The skills to recognise and avoid any harmful and dangerous situations

Next Steps...

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