Empowering People with Knowledge

About WorkPlace Interventions


WorkPlace Interventions' vision is to empower people with knowledge by upskilling and educating organisations through the use of an evidence-based model or best practice approach. Early intervention tools with the application of practical skills, improve workplace culture, reduce the risk of injury and illness and enhance return to work outcomes.

Our Values


At the core of everything we do, excellence is our ability to persistently exceed expectations.


What we do, we do well.


Delivering new approaches and best practice in all that we do.


We are the heart of our company. Always moving forward and inspiring others. We love what we do and we make it count.


Company Story



WorkPlace Interventions Director, Teresa Coffey branched out in 2011 after working in the ‘industry’ for close to 10 years having worked for the Regulator (WorkSafe Victoria), an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider (Nabenet) and working within the Agent and employer sector.  The idea behind the company Teresa Coffey RTW was to continue the work as an early intervention specialist supporting Victorian employers.  The company quickly grew, collaborating with a number of Insurance Agents and undertaking large employer preventative and early intervention initiatives which evolved into the more recently renowned company WorkPlace Interventions.


Early Formative Years

WorkPlace Interventions started its operations in late 2016, through expanding its services and products towards workplace solutions with a a particular focus on workplace mental health interventions. The result in shift in focus has made WorkPlace Interventions one of the only workplace specialist providers delivering evidence based workplace solutions such as Psychological First Aid in the WorkPlace.  WorkPlace Interventions have also become one of Australia’s leading providers for the gold standard Mental Health First Aid programs, engaging more than 10 Mental Health specialised facilitators.

2019- TODAY

The Growth Trajectory

Today, WorkPlace Interventions is leading the way towards becoming one of Australia’s most technologically advanced organisations in the delivery an unrivalled eLearning experience.  With rich content, ease of use and highly engaging eModules, WorkPlace Interventions is setting the standard for targeted workplace online learning.