Monthly Archive February 2019


The People at Work Project

With 45% of Australians experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime, it is likely that at some point, every worker will be affected by mental illness, either directly or indirectly.  While businesses can have the best intentions, most don’t consider the risks outside of the obvious physical risks – such as fire hazards or poor air quality – but with a year-on-year increase in the number of workplace claims related to mental health, there is a timely reminder of this growing, workplace risk.   

WorkPlace Interventions are supporting businesses to identify their mental health needs using the PAW Project which is an evidence based tool that identifies workplace psychosocial risk including what components make up a psychosocial risk management process within their business. WorkPlace Interventions use the PAW Project as a framework to provide a practical, evidence-based model for identification of an organisation’s mental health climate which enables implementation of a targeted approach to the mental health needs of their workforce. In accordance with most process models of risk management, the PAW project follows the stages of:

  • Preparing
  • Assessing through Surveying
  • Consulting on Outcomes
  • Taking Action
  • Reviewing

Supporting small business to large corporations, WorkPlace Interventions will tailor to an employer’s needs, following the stages listed above.  Talk to us now about your mental health needs and how we can apply a structured and targeted approach to prevention rather than solely relying on intervention.

  WorkPlace Interventions will manage the project from inception through to its practical application including data collection and analysis ensuring the confidentiality of all participants is maintained.

Here is a great example of how the PAW Project could work for your organisation


Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Courses

WorkPlace Interventions is proud to announce that as of January 2019 is now a WorkSafe approved Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training provider. We look forward to working with your organisation and upskilling your staff.

To view more information on the role of Health and Safety Representative (HSR) or to find out how we can assist you in getting qualified as an Health and Safety Representative please click here.